New Lou bag - odd smell?

  1. Hey guys,

    I just got an adorable Lou medium quilted purse in black from Net-A-Porter. It's my second YSL bag. Arrived in the usual, beautiful NAP box and looking good. However, it has an odd, chemical kind of smell. I think it *kind* of smells like leather underneath the stronger scent, but, it still has a was a very synthetic/plastic/dyed smell. Am I being paranoid? Also, the little tassel that hangs from the bag feels pretty plastickly and the strap too. I don't know if I'm losing my mind here, but, I don't remember my Antigona tote smelling like this.

    Even my fingertips have the strange smell after touching it to put the strap on :confused1::yucky:
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  2. EDIT: even my husband agrees that it doesn't smell like leather, it smells... odd. Feeling very sad right now :oh:
  3. Oh no :sad:
    Sorry to hear this!
  4. I just can't figure out if there is any reason why it would smell so strongly? The bag it came in kind of smells the same way. The NAP shipping box doesn't smell, and oddly, neither does the "foam" that I removed from the strap. I don't get it. Has anyone else had this happen to them before?
  5. I have never ordered from NAP but my Loulou smells like the leather BMW uses in their cars.
  6. I've received a few SL items from NAP without any strange order. Also, have a few of the Lou camera bags (not from NAP) without odor.

    Probably best to return it and reorder there or elsewhere if you're not comfortable with the item.