New loot **PICS**

  1. Hi ladies!

    I'm finally back w/my new loot in tow. I swapped out the brown expandable tote for the red. I don't know which I prefer so I'd appreciate honest opinions. Should I keep the red or the brown. I also posted pics of the dark silver and black metallic 226 reissues. There's a side by side pic of the dark silver and light silver, as well as a group pic of my reissues. Thanks for letting me share.

    Pics overload! Click on the pics to enlarge them!





  2. More!




  3. Last pics





  4. The red!! :yes: :heart: :nuts:
  5. Hooooooooooooly sh*t!!! They're all TDF - fainting over here!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :love: :love:

    Love the red exp flap too btw...I really liked the brown too, but it seems like the red goes with your wardrobe more?

    Congrats on all your new fall additions Jenn - they're all gorgeous!!! :yahoo:

  6. wow. the red is really hot!

    to be honest, the pix of your brown expandable inspired me to get one of my own... i thought it looked really good on you! but the red looks great too!
  7. OMG!!:drool:
    They are all just gorgeous and stunning!
    I think the red flap looks fabulous on you. I would definitely keep it.
    And the reissues are TDF! I'm so jealous of those beautiful reissues! Congrats on such a beatiful collection.
  8. oooh...all so very pretty! loving all the colors, you'll have one to match every outfit!:yes:
  9. umm...omg!!! i've died and gone to Chanel heaven!! your bags are absolutely amazing!! your reissues are TDF!!!!!!

    i vote red over the brown
  10. LOVE THEM ALL!!!
    Get both the brown AND the red...LOL...i did...heehee
  11. The red is def a keeper!!

    Love the reissues! Espec the dark sil and black! You're rockin' those bags like noone's business!!! :wlae:
  12. :drool: Can you do a family portrait so we can give you feedback based on your whole collection? I love the red expandable, but if you have other red bags and no brown, that might be a deciding factor. Also, could dark silver represent brown since it is kinda bronze-y, taupy?

    I love them all BTW. :drool::drool:
  13. loving your reissues! :drool::drool::drool:
  14. To be honest, I like the dark brown expandable flap more. I also like red a lot, but not a big red bag. Red should match with smaller bag, like classic.

    BTW, may I know the size of your metallic black reissue?
  15. luv the reissues!Gorgeous!