New loot! [pic]

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  1. [​IMG]

    Just picked this baby up from the bike store. :love:

    Loverly, all carbon fiber frame, fork, seat post, cranks, all Ultegra, so light, too! I've always wanted a road bike... if I don't seem on much in the next few weeks, you'll find me out riding! :jammin:;)
  2. Wow ! cool man.... My Husband and i are both bike fans both love to ride. He will love this, its sounds and looks perfect.

    Is Megs getting one ?
  3. Nice ride.
  4. Ride on over to Akron and we can go for a bike ride :smile:
  5. Now that's the kind of great haul my DH would like to see.

  6. Congrats, Vlad! Hope the weather's nice where you're at so you can get some biking in. It's 65 here today, perfect biking weather.
  7. WOW...congrats!!!!
  8. Very cool bike-love Specialized bikes! Enjoy!
  9. Congrats, enjoy :smile:
  10. Vlad is a big biker... I am gonna take pics of him on it later!!! He got lots of loot!!

    I wanted a bike, but there was a pink Trek bike I saw before that I really wanted... HAHA. I was looking for a good color, not a good bike!

    Once we are down in Florida, I am getting a bike for sure!
  11. Sweet!!! Congrats!
  12. Very nice bike!!! Congratulations! And with its carbon fiber frame, you will be flying for miles! Nice and light!
  13. Wow congratulations.
  14. I want a new bike!!! I haven't owned a bike in like 15 years. I'd probably kill myself trying to ride a bike now. Have fun with it and be safe!!!
  15. I love riding bikes! OK, granted I have a light blue beach cruiser with hot pink flames, but it is still so fun to ride to the beach and hang out. Megs, are you going to post pics of Vlad with his biking shorts on?