new look!

  1. i just finished the floorset tonight at my store.

    it's pretty much the same bags but, the leather hippe bag (legacy) that looks like ali is out as well.

    however, it's definitely worth popping in if you happen to be near one or have one close by because the props are gorgeous!

    serious this is way better then last year with the *cough*christmas trees*cougH*

    there are metal stands that have different shapes of stars and snowflakes on bronze, light gold and silver.

    there is a pink frame that holds 3-d origami pieces of stars and flowers.

    i would've taken pictures but i remember my old manager telling a customer you can't take pictures in our store so yeah.

    just thought i'd share!

    p.s did anyone see the december issue of vogue? it has the white clutch (zoe) with actual gemstones on it...and the legacy satchel in pyton skin.
  2. Ooh it sounds so classy! Thanks for the great update, I can't wait to stop by Coach at home!
  3. Ooooh I can't wait to go check it out!
  4. store in geneva, il didn't have it up yet....stopped in tonight.
  5. I went to the flagship store in nyc saterday,and I saw it. It looked very cute!.
  6. I got a call a couple of days ago from my local store to be sure to drop by - for the holiday(as of the 20th). Well, I went yesturday and the store looked worse! Very drab, no holiday decor. The only thing they did have was a plastic dog form to show off the collars and leashes. Also, the legacy was no longer up front - just the regular bags. Not impressed over here.
  7. Have you found the Zoe in TOT? I can't find it with the gems. Alsooo! What kind of store are you? We're a fashion and I just discovered on the wall yesterday that we had the Zoe clutches in gold, black and striped! I thought they were flagship only, I can't wait for them to leave! haha

    Also! Holy hell I hate the snowflakes, they were so annoying/heavy and somehow I cut myself on them.
  8. Thanks for the update. There was a thread yesterday about the new Zoe cluth with the gems.
  9. i actually cut myself on the scissors!

    lol rather then the snowflakes.

    we're a fashion, asian, core, and soon to be flagship *crosses fingers*

    and coachlover, i know that post, but actually not to be a pain in the arse, but i posted this before, there's also a legacy pyton bag in that vogue.

    i love it though because at least there's no fake snow flaking off trees this year! or what was it last year...i forget.

    my store didn't get the zoes actually =( you're right. it's a flagship exclusive but shipping gets wierd at times. we've gotten stuff we shouldn't have before and we've also missed stuff we WERE suppose to have.

    lol. thank goodness for CBSR

    and no i'm afraid i didn't see it, the gem on TOT, strange how they didn't list the price for that one but the pyton is 2500? huh. i think it must be super expensive, usually magazines only leave it out, with the number to call if it's a bit too much, or not much in production. anyhoos.

    i bet it's at new york's flagship! or that vegas store...they get all the rare items :crybaby: