New Look for MJ!

  1. Guys, dig the faux-hawk that Mr. Jacobs is rocking . . . what a refreshing change of style. Just hope this isn't indicative of an early mid-life crisis!

  2. and here it was i was afriad of seeing that horrid new cruise bag
  3. MJ looks so F***ing hot! I just wish he wasn't gay :sad: lol

    He totally looks so much better this way. He's done such a 180* change though! It's almost incredible :yes: But I totall luv the new look :winkiss:
  4. nice shirt..hahaha
  5. By the way - who's the cutie next to him? His new "mec" (guy in French)?
  6. It's actually the same old guy, Jason Preston . . . the one with the tat! I dunno if they got back together, or the rumors of their breakup were exaggerated, but it's the same beau mec. :P
  7. Oh, gotcha. From the pic, it looks like maybe they patched things up and made nice? :confused1:

    BTW, I think I know what your PF name stands for:

    "on y va" = it goes there

    Did I get it right? :lol:
  8. He looks completely different...a vast improvement for sure!
  9. Does MJ is gay?? :shocked:

    I mean... he looks so good, I just couldn't imagine that he is!! :sad:

    .. so I guess there're not many male designers left...
  10. LOL...he looks better..

    I thought I will see horrid new MJ his shirt... I don't mind to get it for our gay cousin lol
  11. He looks hott!!!!

    IMO: He kinda looks like Hugh Jackman in that pic? :shrugs:
  12. dang, he FINE! is it weird that a straight girl like myself is attracted to a homosexual man? :P :love:
  13. Of course he's 100% gay! :yes:

    But GOD he's hot. The hot one's are always gay :sad:
  14. LOL we have a gay guy at my office that calls that hairdo the "homohawk" :smile:
  15. Much better than the absent minded professor look he was sporting a few years ago!