New Look book Pics??

  1. I spoke with my SA today regarding the hardware issues I'm having, and she mentioned that shw has pictures of the metallic bags and the other new bags coming out. She said the metallics are going to be a speedy 34, not a 30 or 35 but a 34, alma, and pap. The prices are around $1200.00 so this leads me to believe that these bags will be avaiable like the perfo and denim lines. She also mentioned bags w/ lepoard print, and croc. These bags are of course limited and a mint (like 5k). If I wasn't it such a state of worry and PO-edness (is that even a word, if not it is now!!!) I'd go down there and look myself! Please post pics if you got them....

    Here is a link to the hermes thread for a picture
  2. The SAs just had a meeting yesterday (at my store anyway) regarding the new F/W 06 lines. So they have their own personal pictures which belong to the store and are generally just in a 3 ring binder and aren't all that great of pictures. The look book won't be available until late summer or early September, roughly.
    Also, the size 34 of the Speedy this time around represents the new *large* look they're going for this time around. All the bags will be BIG this fall.
  3. I'm looking forward to it....but I'm sure they won't have it anytime, they don't even have 1/2 of the stuff out in the mean time, I need to go get me the Vouge Collections..:biggrin:
  4. So I wonder if it won't look so silly then for me to carry my 40 as a purse, whadya think?


    I haven't carried it as a purse bc I didn't want people laughing at me. :biggrin: And I haven't seen anyone carrying a bag that big yet.
  5. Lol..I don't think it looks silly on you at all! If you're comfortable with it, that's great!
    But yeah the bags for this fall are supposed to be very large, almost luggage worthy. So you'll fit right in, no worries :smile:
  6. I think it looks great on. I love big bags.
  7. I agree it suits you and I LOVE big bags too:biggrin: