New longer handles on Saleya MM.......

  1. I remember reading a post here about lv making the saleya mm with longer handles, so I asked my SA about it and she doesn't know anything. All their saleya mm's had the shorter handles. Can somebody show me some proof that I can back up my claim with? She did say they haven't had a store meeting in quite a while, so I could be right. I really want one in the longer handles. On a side note, she had never heard of the sophie. I felt like a big loser bringing up all these things she's never heard of. Thanks everyone!
  2. which store in TX do you go to? The Houston Galleria store has a store meeting every morning.
  3. Dallas Galleria
  4. Are you sure that it was about the handles being longer, or just that the MM handles are longer than the PM's handles?

    Also, I think the Damier Azur Sayela's have slightly longer handles than the regular Damier.
  5. If I'm not mistaken, lvmhgirl posted one time about hearing they were making the reg. damier saleya mm handles a little longer so they were the same as the new azur saleya mm handles. Maybe I'm confusing some different posts. I'll do another search and see what I can find about it.
  6. Another PFer that recently bought a Damier MM and asked this question. She was informed by her SA that as soon as the old stock ran out, the newer Damier MM will have the same just slightly longer handles like the Azur. She was a little miffed that they told her this afterwards. She would have waited for the new stock.
  7. Thank you, pinki! I knew I wasn't dreaming. So an SA in a boutique said that?
  8. Yes, that is what they told her because I think she had to buy something else or either that she was just browsing. And ended up asking this question because of the Azur.