New Longchamps Bag

hi all!
i went to purchase a kooba natasha in the coated denim, but it ended up being way too, i got a carlos falchi doctor's bag in lime green with turquoise stitching...adorable! however, when i got it home? the link on the pocket in the inside had started to come off and the stitching on the outside of the handle was fraying...this was on a BRAND NEW, back to the store i went and saw this longchamps...(here's a picture from the website)'s a great light and able to find all of my stuff quickly...just thought i'd share it (and get some opinions!)...


Apr 19, 2007
I've been curious about the new Longchamps leather bags. Are they lightweight? I think they're pretty but practical bags!
hey gg...they are SO lightweight which is what i loved about this one...the patent leather ones are also lightweight...this one holds a ton of can google longchamps bags and then find the longchamps's a great place to see the different colors, etc...definitely love this bag!!!