New Lockhearts for Fall

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  1. Looks like Lockheart updated their home page and added these lovelies. Unfortunately their page does not list any other info... I guess you will have to contact them.

    What do you think?

    Attached Files:

  2. I cannot wait to get the eggplant snake satchel, wow, is it out yet?
  3. oops, forgot to say that I already own the brogan with the bow...but not in silver. Love the bag so much.
  4. I love bags with bows and I love this one in particular - which colour is yours? It looks like a gorgeous style.
  5. I am so guilt. I bought it in a deep chocolate first, and then I saw the grey and black one on TPF and I bought that one too! I think I will carry this bag for a long time. It holds everything, and when I took the stuffing out, it got very soft and smooshy. I love the leather.
  6. That silver bag is to die for!!!! I need one...where do I get it??
  7. saw one yesterday at Nordstroms at Westside Pavillion in Westwood.
  8. Those bags are gorgeous! :tup:
  9. Love this one in particular! :heart: Please let me know when you see them at Nordstrom.
  10. The purple is bag is tdf! I love the small buckle detail on the front. Anyone know how much this will set me back? TIA.
  11. I love the bag with the bow! Where can you buy Lockheart bags online?
  12. never see them much online, which is too bad...then I would really be in even more trouble!
  13. ahh i love the silver one!!!!
  14. Just when I tell myself I won't buy anymore Lockhearts until my finances improve, I see these wonderful bags and want one of each!!! Why oh why do they have to be so very beautiful? I think they are way better looking than some of the much more expensive brands. Love my Lockhearts!
  15. The silver one and the purple one make my heart palpitate.