new lock?

  1. I got my cerises speedy the other day, and it's in very nice shape, soft golden patina, although the handles are a teensy bit dirty. I'm trying to decide whether to leave them that way or try baby wipes on them, but I digress...

    The lock that came with the speedy was pretty scratched up. I could use the one from my Damier speedy, but I was wondering if I can get a new lock anywhere. Couldn't find them on Eluxury...would they have them at the store?
  2. ^^ Yes. I heard it's around $25 or so maybe? Some have gotten it for free but I believe they have a good relationship with their SAs.
  3. I think I've heard about people getting them in stores, if not they go for fairly low prices on ebay.

    Btw, congrats on getting your cerises speedy! I was so happy when I got mine, It's such a fun bag.
  4. Thanks - maybe I'll call the shop and see if I can sweet-talk them :graucho:

    eff, I love your avatar!
  5. I got mine for $22 plus tax at the Houston LV. The ones I had seen on eBay were going for over $30. I'm glad I was outbid!
  6. I just picked up two locks from my LV the other no charge. If you are near a LV, go into the store wearing your bag and ask if you can get a replacement. If they want to charge you it shouldnt be more then $25.00.
  7. A-ha. That's why they didn't put the lock/keys in the pictures of that eBay ad. I had asked the seller cuz I thought it was awfully mysterious as to why they were not in the picture. Good luck with the bag!! It's great! I'd try the baby wipes...

    Back to your question, I'd try to get a replacement lock from LV. They can be quite accommodating...if talked to in just the right way.
  8. It doesn't hurt to ask, but you know will find an anal associate that will charge you the $24.00 - but just ask... be polite, make that "puppy dog face" and yeah I'm personally a sucker for that...and you know just hand one or two over... and be like "here ya go, have a nice day..."
  9. I had the same thought - this is why there weren't photos including the lock! Also, the red dustbag is really small. If I fold up the Speedy it will fit inside, but if it's expanded and stuffed, I can only just barely squeeze it in. I think I'll end up using a pillowcase instead. Luckily, the Speedy itself is in great shape....
  10. Excellent idea...maybe if I take my poor, nekkid Cerises Speedy into the store, they will take pity on it and want to adorn it for free. :graucho: Thanks!
  11. yes, please do that hippiechic. i also gonna try take my cerises and asked for a box :P
  12. Just say you took it off and lost it. Alot of times they wont give them out as they dont think you are customers. KWIM?
  13. Ooooh, good thinking - thanks! I'm a blonde now, so maybe they'll think I'm just a scatterbrain. :angel: