New Lock

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  1. Has anyone seen the New Lock bag IRL? I know they come in 2 sizes. Are they out yet? I know there's a waiting list at the NM in Beverly Hills....

  2. I saw a bag from the Diagonal CC ligne that has the New Lock. Is this the circle with 2 balls?
  3. Yes, it's a flap over and then the "lock" has 2 balls. Comes in the same leather as the Soft and Chain. I think the chain is the same as the Soft and Chain. I believe it is #11 in the thread that had like 30 pics of this season's stuff? I'm lovin it but was wondering if anyone has it or has seen it.. and where?

  4. I saw a tote in Paris Blue from the Diagonal CC ligne at the trunk show a few weeks ago. I have not "tried" the new lock it mechanism. It looks cool but if I remember correctly somebody on this forum said there was a problem with lockit. Do a search forum and see if you can find it. Not sure if there is any truth to it - maybe just a rumor.
  5. I saw it at NM trunk show here...was not loving it, didn't think it was Chanelish enough overall
    but the leather looked yummy
  6. Thanks for all your input! I haven't seen it or touched it yet.. that's why I need opinions! :yes:
  7. I saw the one with woven leather. It's gorgeous! I waitlisted for it. I think I'm going to get the rock & chain instead though.