New Lock Closure at Saks (Tysons)

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  1. My little wandering eyes spied the new lock closure bag (black). Of course after reading about the problematic closure, I just had to try it. It seemed effortless to open and close, which leaves me wondering what's the problem. Hmm.
  2. Do you mean Neimans at tysons? Saks there doesn't carry Chanel.
  3. Woops, yes it was Neimans at Tysons.
  4. Chanel in NYC on 57th told me they did not carry the lambskin due to a problem with the new lock but they are carrying the $25,000 croc one.
  5. LOL, it works on the croc for $25K!!! (Pun: what a crock!)
  6. ^LOL There is also a cheaper croc one with the new lock. I think it is around $18k. Matte Brown:

  7. The thing I noticed and found objectionable (due to weight) is the new chains. This bag has them as did a lot of the ones I saw last weekend. They're very heavy. There was a small purse with these chains; it looked wrong from a design perspective, imo.
  8. omg maxter, that bag is GORGEOUSSSSSSS
  9. I did see this in the boutique.
    It didn't attract me at all, I must say. It just doesn't look like a "normal" Chanel to me because of the combination of the new lock and chains.
  10. I tried the new lock in white at Bloomingdales (the upstairs boutique) and it doesn't close properly unless you press the flap right down. I would assume this lock is spring-loaded and worry about the longevity of it. I was also told about this problem by the Chanel boutique on 57th St. after I saw the bag at Bloomies. The other problem is that I cannot wear the bag over by shoulder (I am 5'4", 120 lbs) because it ends up right underneath my armpit, which is not the best place for a Chanel!!!
  11. The lock actually is quite easy to use. I agree the smaller size is hard to get over the shoulder, but I bought the larger and it fits qite nicely over the shoulder I think. I just got it today, but I think I love it.