New little things

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  1. I am trying to cool it on buying bags, in fact i returned two today to the PX, because i didn't foresee myself using them in a timely fashion, and we only have ninety days to make returns.

    But I did get two little beauties they both came in the mail today!!

    First off:
    She is way bigger than i orginally thought, it isnt a "mini" lol. But shes still too cute for words!


    and secondly this little gem is thanks to the sweetest person ever! Italiahaircolor!


    I love this ^ the print is so cool i think!

  2. Awesome!!! Do enjoy:biggrin:
  3. super cute!!! i love all things pink!!!
  4. I love them! I have the makeup bag in the pink Coach pattern, I need that matching coin purse!
  5. Love the mini-it IS big! And the coin purse is soooo cute!
  6. Thanks ladies! I love the coin purse! it makes me smile everytime i see it
  7. I'm so glad you like it! It's nothing but adorable!!
  8. The new Poppy - looks like a medium skinny!!! She is cute!!!
    Very cute Kisslock!!!
    Congrats on both!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  9. congrats!!
  10. Super cute..♥
  11. I love the print too on that kisslock!
  12. oh wow, I didn't expect to see that one when I clicked on this reveal, it's super cute!!! Your nail polish is pretty, too.
  13. Really sweet.....both of them..congrats! :smile: