New little pretties! (Instant reveal)

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  1. I was tipped off by Yodaling's post in the authentic Chanel finds thread and contacted the Neiman's SA that was recommended. Just arrived and so 12-year-old-girl excited! I had been wanting the teeny purse pendant for awhile. The other was just an added bonus :smile:
    image-2137418165.jpg image-3793027076.jpg image-1618081836.jpg image-1655582236.jpg image-220344613.jpg image-3130071234.jpg
  2. Cute and love them! Congrats!
  3. Cutesy! :smile:
  4. pretty, congrats!!!
  5. Love the little purse necklace, it's so cute!
  6. Congrats! So adorable!
  7. Beautiful. Congrats.
  8. the purse pendant is adorable...congrats!!!
  9. Congrats! They are beautiful. Luv the one with the heart especially.
  10. love that necklace!!
  11. They are so cute, congrats! :smile:
  12. Awesome pieces. Congrats.
  13. Very pretty 
  14. Thanks everyone! :smile:
  15. Cute congrats!