New little goodie! *PICS*

  1. Signature Flower Charm pink/red combo on my Bleecker duffle in's so cute!:heart:
    pink sig flower charm on wine Bleecker duffle.JPG pink sig flower charm.JPG
  2. Very cute - and it looks great on that bag! :tup:
  3. That is SO cute and looks HOT on that bag. That charm is going on my wishlist! :love:
  4. OH! Love it!
  5. Thanks Jenn! Can you tell I have a thing for flower charms?? Can't have enough!
  6. I like your style. I could kick myself for not buying the denim one I had in my hands at the outlet in San Marcos this summer...
  7. I love this charm!
  8. love it! :tup:
  9. OMG. so pretty. the charm just pops against your wine duffle.
  10. That looks great on that bag! i have a khaki/sig one on my khaki sig carly. Love those flower charms!
  11. Love it!
  12. so pretty..........also going on my wish it.:heart:....congrats!!!
  13. Adorable!!!!!
  14. That charm looks great on your duffle! Good call.
  15. Oh that flower is beautiful, i cant wait to get mine. Congrat's.....