New little boutique goodies!

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  1. OK - the only thing I plan to buy from the boutique anymore - adorable little goodies that I just cant resist! And look how pretty they are going to look on my magenta convertible tote. Every time I look at it, I am loving this bag more and more - Im really glad I went out of my "comfort zone" with this one!!
    magenta daffodil ebay 024.JPG magenta daffodil ebay 028.JPG
  2. OOO I absolutely love your new goodies! That ponytail scarf is one of my absolute favorites, and that flower is just too cute! They will look great with your new bag! Congrats!
  3. Those look so cute Donnalynn you allways pick the cutest goodies for your bags! I have the cali lily and I love it! The dafodil is very cute also!
  4. WOW, that looks absolutely gorgeous donnalynn! Love it!! Congrats!
  5. Looks fab! I love the polka dot scarf!!
  6. OMG - Donnalynn, I wanted that scarf but it didn't look good in my hair as a headband and I couldn't think of any other reason for it, but you just gave me one. Sorry, I may have to copy off of you!

    I agree on only buying the accessories anymore at Boutique, though!
  7. the scarf and fob are the only things I'm ever gonna get at the Boutique as well. And those two are my favorites! Great choices! They look gorgeous on your bag too. Congrats!
  8. Looks great!
  9. The daffodil looks WAY prettier in your pics than on the website. I love how it goes with that bag!
  10. Love your new goodies!! That's my favorite scarf and I just notice that charm on the website today. I can't wait to get it. Your new bag looks hot with the scarf and charm!!:nuts:
  11. Is that the pink daffodil that was mentioned in the upcoming key fobs thread? Everyone was wondering why it's pink & not yellow? I'm glad to finally see it. Whatever kind of flower it is, it goes perfect with your bag.
  12. Your new scarf and charm look great on your ergo. I really like how the colors compliment each other and just pop. Congratulations.
  13. That bag is too cute with all of its accessories!
  14. I am really loving that charm on the bag! Looks like it was meant to be there.....:tup:
  15. I was kinda wondering why they called it a daffofil too - all the daffodils Ive ever seen were yellow/orange, but whatever! It was the one flower charm that I liked the best. The others are pretty, but this one was the most obvious in looking like a flower, not too abstract.