New little bauble! Pics

  1. I found a cute ring to go with my antique bracelet! I never wear it and thought it would be a cute match once in awhile!
    pics 089.jpg
  2. It is gorgeous! Congrats!
  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Looks as if they were made by the same designer and compliment each other perfectly! I love the swirly design! :yes:

  4. them!
  5. very nice- enjoy them!
  6. I love them! I especially love your art deco bracelet.
  7. So pretty! & perfect together!
  8. I absolutely love both of them. :love: :drool: :love: They look perfect together.
  9. Gorgeous pair! Congratulations on your fabulous find :yes:
  10. BEAUTIFUL! love it!
  11. It's absolutely beautiful! You have such an eye for fine jewelry!
  12. that looks good together. congrats.
  13. that is very pretty.
  14. Great match!!
    Love both pieces!!
  15. Lovely.