new listerine whitening strips

  1. they came out with ones that meltaway and are supposedly easier to use. has anyone tried em yet?
  2. I haven't read too much about them....but if they melt away, then you're pretty much nullifying any whitening effect. Like those older paint on whiteners. Think about it....GONE as soon as you put them, because you pretty much swallow it away since nothing's holding it onto your teeth. Crest Whitestrips are the best drugstore choice. Professional Crest Whitestrips from a dentist are even better, the bleaching agent is in a higher concentration than the drugstore ones so they work faster.
  3. I had hopes for this, but it never melted in my mouth. (I left it on for over 45 minutes)...I ended up having to peel it off and rinse.

    I don't use whitening products though I tried a bunch, because they all tend to make my mouth feel numb and sensitive.
  4. Um I got the free sample from Walmart and it just wasn't a good experience for me.. it didn't melt all the way and my mouth didn't even feel all that clean. I much prefer the GoSMILE system.
  5. I used the Crest White strips, even today people compliment me on how white my teeth are and I used those things 3 years ago
  6. I tried it and didn't like it.I took forever to disolve.I liked Go smile a lot better.