new line or perhaps fake?

  1. I recently saw a LV speedy with a different material. It was a cream colour, cottonish fabric with golden LV logo pattern. The bag was very shaggy looking, as in little bits of tassels hanging out through out the surface of the bag. It looked very well made but I question the authenticity because I haven't seen this type before nor have I heard of it. Perhaps it's very very new? :confused1:
  2. Denim patchwork speedy?
  3. weird only time shall tell I was thinking mini lin in dune
  4. ^me too except for the tassels part...
  5. It might be it...I only saw half of it..but I didn't see any zippers or patchwork. I secretly hope it's real because it looked great.
  6. Hmmm. I was thinking Mini Lin Dune... but the tassles??? :shrugs:
  7. ^ this the speedy in dune, no tassles, she might attach something on the bag?

  8. The only thing I can think of is the Fringe Speedy.
  9. Oh wait a minute...I've seen fakes with this material. Hold on..
  10. I can't think of anything except what was mentioned before. :shrugs:
  11. Like this? Definitely fake, courtesy of ioffer.
  12. It does sound like some fakes I have seen. It's like linen-like material with gold LVs, right? Those are fake.
  13. That would make more sense for it to be that one. Her describtion didn't really match any Louis Vuitton bags.
  14. OMG this is hillarious, it looks like a denim speedy accidently got stuck in the washing machine for 10 cycles.
  15. Lol yeah you should see the other two I posted in the fakes thread awhile back..
    here they are: