New line of bags from THEORY

  1. Seems Saks is introducing a new bag line from the fashion brand Theory. You can't just search for it on the website but you can access the photo if you know the catalog page. I'll attach the photo and the hook to the page on the site.

    I think I'm going to want a white bag for Spring/Summer (my white winter bag is en route!) but I don't know if I'm still going to be feeling hobo-ish. That having been said, I really like this--
    -- the thick triple braided handle
    -- the attached coin purse
    -- the stitching
    -- the contrast of textured leather with smooth

    All for $795. Its firmly in my 'maybe' pile.
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    saks theory.jpg
  2. That braided handle is an attractive feature on this one. I'm also drawn to any color variant of white so this is a nice find. It looks quite large which leads to me wonder if it's a hefty piece weightwise.
  3. I love Theory....I live in my velvet blazer from this season. Sorry, I know it's not about the bag line, but had to say it. The bags do look lovely....can't wait to see what else they have in store!
  4. It looks okay, probably have to see it in person before I come to any conclusions. I am in the market for a white bag though :biggrin:
  5. ^^Yeah, I've kept the catalog page and I'm mulling it over. I'm just wondering if I'm going to be past the hobo phase by the time Spring hits.
  6. BTW, there is a major Theory sample sale going on in Manhattan. I went today, didn't buy anythin because all I wanted was a black turtleneck and they were sold out of small! But they have lots of nice stuff. It's at 261 West 36th Street, for you fellow New Yorkers! Go early in the day cause it gets crowded.