new line i'm excited about - jocasi

  1. it's a UK brand, but they ship to the US (for FREE, i might add! :yahoo: ) - their bags are really reasonable (in the $150-400 range), and they look so cute! i first spotted them in the splendora blog, and i ordered this one tonight (in black):


    i know, it looks a lot like the prada...but i love the braided handles & i think it has enough unique details not to be a truly 'inspired' bag.

    anyway, some really cute styles & thought it was worth mentioning :smile: i hope the quality lives up!


    website is JOCASI | bags | belts | accessories - enjoy :yes:
  2. Cute! It does look a bit like the prada bag but clearly not just a knockoff.
  3. These are cute bags! I love a couple of their totes! Would you mind letting us know about the quality when your new bag arrives? They look great and from the pics the quality looks good too! Thanks for sharing them with us!
  4. ^i definitely will :smile:
  5. They look great! :biggrin:
  6. Gorgeous- the leather looks so soft & smooshy...can't wait to see pics :smile: