"New" line from LV

  1. As doing my daily check on vuitton's homepage, I suddenly saw this new line called: Waterproof Monogram.
    Checking it out, it was "only" the Keepall55 which now have been made as 100% waterproof
    (For the ladies there are now also a small collection of vernis goods in the Luggage area)

    But, is it just me or does the "new" back look something who people would scream: FAKE in the streets.
    At least that's what I am thinking, because of the cheap look with the black leathertrim and shoulderstrap.
    On the other hand, I LVoe the little sign in the top say: Louis Vuitton.

    Just a last complain: If you look under "Services" , go to "Product care and Repair" - "About leather goods..." - "Everyday Care" , then you are able to read about the materials used in each line and how to keep your bag good-looking. - Now the funny part: Under the Mono it says, that this line allready is waterproof :confused1:
  2. I love this keepall, If only I could afford it...maybe one day lol. This keepall is not sewn together, its glued. I dont think people would think its fake, its such a unique peice.
  3. This is not really a new line per say it has been mentioned on the forums before as the waterproof keepall. I do like though because of the black handles and accents. I am not sold on the whole water proof thing though I think I just like it because its different than regular mono keepalls
  4. I like the waterproof Keepall really has a new rugged appeal. For $2000ish I don't think anyone would mistake it for a fake.:shrugs:
  5. so what if people think its fake?

    the differenmce is that you can actually submerge this bag in water because it doesn't have any leather trim and the seams are fused together.
  6. Ooh the Vernis Luggage is HOT.
    That Waterproof Keepall is very nice to!
    I don't think people would think it's a fake..
    But if they think it's fake that's their problem! :p
  7. Thanks for the info... off to vuitton.com i go...
  8. im a little curious how the zipper area is waterproof. someone get it.
  9. Those are definitely not true LV lovers, and certainly I do not care about the opinion of an uneducated non-LV lover.

  10. It looks like a plastic zipper to me
  11. Whatever you think is "a REAL Louis Vuitton lover" , don't you dare throw it into my face, telling me I'm not one. :push:

    It would pretty stupid spending all my money on Louis Vuitton, Check the website every day, planning to search for a job as sales assistent - if I wasn't a true lover of Louis Vuitton. So just because I might care what people think of me, does not give you any rights to state such a stupid statement.
  12. i want to check this bag out.
  13. I think she was referring to those who may think it is fake...not you...you obviously know your stuff, relax:smile:
  14. When did it come out... where the hell have I been???