New Line at Luisaviaroma

  1. I just got my catalog of the new line from Luisaviaroma:love:

    I can't upload the pdf, but will try to fiddle with it tonight. Otherwse, just send me a PM with your email address and I will forward it to you!
  2. Are they good to buy from? any problems? authentic?
  3. Very good and absolutely authentic! They are very reputable. I have only heard of the occasional customer service snafu but other than that I have only heard good things.

    I must add though that i have not purchased anything from them. My only experience with LVR is through tPF and members here. I strongly recommend the following other retailers as well:
    Neiman Marcus (good return policy)
    Aloha Rag (no tax but $50 restocking fee for returns)
    Barneys (good return polilcy)
    and of course, Bal NY (store credit only)

    There are lots more, but these are the few that come to mind in particular. HTH!
  4. thanks a lot, i'm going to PM you! :biggrin:
  5. I got my BI Twiggy from LVR last weekend in exchange for a Chloe Paddington whose colour turned out different irl from the photo on their website. I had pre-ordered the Chloe in July when they did not have the actual bag yet, and they had only Photoshop'ed the photo to get an approximation of the colour. When I asked for a refund, there were no questions asked, and I even got to ship it back at their cost via FedEx, since they admitted it was their fault. I would have had a refund, except that they had the BI Twiggy just in, so I asked for that in exchange. The excess would be refunded to my credit card. It was very easy dealing with them.
  6. Excellent to know Roxane because LVR has so many wonderful bags!!!
  7. Thanks, I will be sending you a PM as well.
  8. Just want to make sure everyone got their catalogs that requested them! Hope you enjoy!!!