New Limited Edition Monogram Collection, Classic China Run 2008!!!

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  1. There will be a new Limited Edition monogram collection with a crest representing a model Ferrari in a Chinese landscape the collection is composed of Keepal 55, Naviglio bag, a Zippy Organizer, a pocket for keys, glasses and racing a pair of sneakers.

    This line is designed specifically for a car rally, 10 years after the first edition, between Chengdu and Kunming, China, from 24 May to 1 June.

    I know what you are thinking they should had used Damier canvas instead...

  2. absolutly not, the damier will not work with the stripes, the mono is perfect for this line.

    i will call my store to pre-order the cles.

  3. Looks interesting, thanks for sharing.
  4. oh yeah feist your eyes on this!

  5. WOW!! I just LoVe this! I need smth from this collection!!! Is it mono naviglio?? They made the same googles for Budapest-Vienna Classic Run two years ago and they were 600euro.
  6. Love the Monogram Naviglio. My store has a SO Monogram Naviglio on display and the underside strap is all vachetta!
  7. Thanks for sharing!

    I finally can find some LE pieces for my DBF. :nuts:
  8. very nice.. !!!
  9. looks great but the stripes are bold and not vertical, but those luggages are great

  10. i agree that Damier would be more in line with the racing theme. but i think the stripes work on Monogram as well. plus it gives us a better idea about how a customised Speedy and Keepall would look. i'd love to see a closeup of the crest.
  11. I like the stripe on the monogram.

    OOH, I remember that picture of the damier collection from ebay a while back. I drooled over it and sent it to my mom as a hint...didn't work, though.:P
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.