New Lily question

  1. I think I read somewhere that the new smaller Lily would be available to order by 11/2. Has anyone ordered it yet? I'm dying to see it IRL but have no idea when it will hit stores. I'm all about ordering it sight unseen if it's going to take to long to get into the store!
  2. There was a sketch of it in another thread not too long ago...I think the thread name was mini lily or something like by my posts and you'll find it because I called CS and indicated some info in that post. It won't hit stores until Feb '08 is what CS told me.
    I'm tossing around the idea of returning my large Lily and getting this one...the only thing is it's only coming out in black and camel. I already have the '06 legacy satchel in black and I'm not sure how this bag will look in camel. I think I need to see a picture of it other than a sketch, so I keep searching the drilldown. Hopefully it will show soon.

    I'm such a geek though that I printed a picture of the sketch of the small Lily, and I have a picture from Coach of the large Lily and I have them hanging in my office side by side...I still don't know what I'll do. :confused1:
  3. Katie, the sketch isn't showing right now because of the updates to tPF, but if you keep checking it should be back. I think I saw a post from Vlad that he's still working to get attachments back. Let me know what you think when you see it!!
  4. I do remember the sketch now that you mention it. Ugh! I'm so impatient! I would order it in black but what if some other fantastic color is available in February! And where in the world is my self control!!?? Technically I said I was on a ban until December so I guess I can wait until then...
  5. Is this the sketch?
    Let me know if this actually posted properly.
  6. Yep! That's the sketch and it did post properly! Thanks so much!
  7. ORDER IT so I can see it !! :roflmfao:
  8. I'm so tempted... I am so weak...:yes:
  9. It looks so cute - just a mini version of the regular Lily Satchel! Does anyone know how much it's going for? Thanks!
  10. I asked about the Lily when I was at the KOP store this weekend and they told me it would be available in Feb. Colors black and camel.
  11. it retails for $768. Katie, like you I'm tempted to order it, but I'm a wee bit scared. I'm just afraid if I exchange my large Lily for this one, and then I don't like it...well...I'm screwed basically! I really want to see a picture of it, so I check drilldown daily!