New Leighton?

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  1. Has anybody seen the new Leighton in person? Looks beautiful on the website. Trying to get a sense of the scale between small and large and there is no store near me...
  2. There's good pics on the website. The small doesn't look so small.
  3. Hi! I just bought a small Leighton over the weekend. Here’s the pic my SA sent me of the 2 sizes before I came in. IMG_4396.jpg I got the yellow one :smile:
  4. I really like this bag! Love to see some modeling pics!
  5. Love to see some modeling pics and also what fits inside. :smile:)
  6. Okay. I’ll try to do that when I get home tonight :smile:
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  7. Inside it fits a long wallet, a small hairbrush, small cosmetics pouch, glasses in a soft case, a little pouch I keep my headphones and phone charger in, and iPhone 6 Plus. There is a patch pocket on each side. The phone fits in it, but is a bit snug. IMG_4398.jpg IMG_4401.jpg IMG_4402.jpg

    It comes with a short handheld strap, a longer shoulder strap, and the gold chain strap. I also purchased the optional acrylic strap. Hope these help (I’m not the best at taking pictures of myself )
  8. So cute! I really like the size of this bag. Thank you so much for posting modeling pictures!
  9. No problem. It’s a great bag. I’m just in love with the color :smile:
  10. Can the short strap go inside the bag if you want to wear the chain part?
  11. I'm loving the acrylic strap. Planning to go to the store and have a look at the yellow and the cocoa versions, to see which one matches my (unused:shocked:) Brimley.
  12. That's great! The short handle that you can't remove, does that fit inside the purse?
  13. Actually the small handle comes off too. They are all connected by these rings that open kind of like carabiners.
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  14. I bought a small Leighton in black 4 weeks ago. I love the bag as such, but so disappointed in the quality and bad customerservice from Mulberry London. Firstly, the long handle falls off while you are walking. The carabinhook is so "sensitiv ", it just takes a nudge for it to open. Very annoying, you have to catch the bag mid air. But then, lining ripped!!! I did nothing. It says suede, but it is some kind of fabric, like a knit on the backside, see photo. When you pay this much for a bag, you do not want to return to the store within weeks, for sure. To make matters worse, I sent an email with pics to Mulberry London. I rekoned they would be interested. No reply, even sent a reminder. Schoking! I have gotten a new bag in Mulberry Copenhagen. They have sent the bag to London, a 20180705_163218.jpg nd I am awaiting a response. But the problem with the strap is the same with this new bag. And that creates a tension in the body when wearing it, you wait for it to drop. I am very disappointed with Mulberry after this, I think the quality has gone down. And the customerservice is rubbish.
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  15. Is the strap chalk or cocoa brown? I'm trying to find out if the colours reflect what's not the website. I tried what was supposed to be the cocoa brown in Westfields and the colour way was more a paler tortoiseshell and not the rich brown you can see on the site.