1. I am Sooooo in LOVE with this handbag it's ridiculous!! I want all 3 colors I can't decide which though and with the December PCE coming up it makes me want it even more! I am I the only one completely head over heels for this bag?
  2. That bag is LOVELY. I'd be inclined to get parchemin since I don't have any white bags...but I would go for ink blue over the brown is amazing.

    I wish I had the money to get this bag!! Even with PCE it's too much right now :sad:
  3. I am totally crazy about this bag!! I can hardly stand it! It had been a while since I'd fallen in love with a bag! I am in complete love... now on deciding on the color. Decisions ... decisions
  4. I have also been totally drooling over this bag! I am really digging the ink blue...I think it would go great with ANY colour..brown, black, even fact it's LIKE a pair of jeans in that way, I think. So, I say you should get the INK BLUE. I also got a PCE, but I banned myself for the year already....buuut I am really REALLY tempted by this bag. Please post pics if you end up getting it!
  5. I can't seem to find this bag on the site...does anyone have a picture?
  6. It is a pretty bag! You should definitely go for it -- in ink!
  7. you should get it in ink... the color may not come back next year!
  8. Do you think it is hand held only? Or could it sit comfortably in the crook of your arm?
  9. It does fit comfy in the crook of the arm-It could work as a shoulder bag too but it looks a little odd with the two handles-It's an absolutely gorgeous bag- I have it in the toffee.
  10. I just got the hobo in the ink color yesterday. LOVE it!
  11. Congrat.'s messengerbaglover!!!!! I adore this one too!!! I wish it was wider than 2''. I would have bought it in a heart beat if it had been just a little wider. Good for you!!!!!
  12. I love this bag too! It's not practical for me at all,but I would still like to have one:p

    I like the ink or parchment!