new legacy swingpack question????

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  1. Has anyone seen the new Legacy swingpack in person? Does it have the legacy lining inside? If yes, does both the signature and leather swingpacks both have the lining? I'm smelling an early b-day present to me! LOL
  2. ok..I'll answer my own the description on the website..duh! yes, it has legacy lining. about that pocket in the front. How roomy is it? anyone???
  3. :nuts: Wow, I love it in Whiskey!! I may have to grab that.
  4. Don't know the answers, but I love the legacy swing pack and will definitely be getting at least one.
  5. they look great, but why on the khaki/ebony do you put a black strap, but on the all black leather you put natural?
  6. I had no idea they came out with the swingpack in legacy! That must be TDF, I will have to check it out now IRL.
  7. It is awful cute! I LOVE the pocket in the front. Makes the swingpack much more functional if you ask me.
  8. OK, I just ordered the swingpack in signature black/khaki, because the strap is darker for fall.

  9. I really like that swingpack, and I am not at all a swingpack fan! I do wish the leather ones had darker straps, though.
  10. I've yet to buy a swingpack. I thought they were too casual for me UNTIL NOW. The Legacy ones look less plain and with the Legacy stripe interior, how can you go wrong! I wonder if the pocket in the front is roomy enough for keys or something bulky. I must see in person. Are they out at the stores or do you have to order? Anyone know?
  11. my store did not have them
  12. See I told you it was cute! I am so getting one of these!
  13. Oh I like that swingpack. Normally I am not a fan of them, but the new legacy one is nice!
  14. I Love, Love, Love the whiskey swingpack. Problem is I told my hubby I was done. I do have a weakness for the whiskey though I have the shoulder bag and hippie. They where both gifts from hubby. Oh, and he also got me the whiskey french wallet, which would work great in the whiskey swingpack.

    So is it in stores yet?? And does anyone have a good SA in San Jose??

    I so do not want to tell him I found another coach bag. So I think I will just leave this window open on the computer and then if he happens to find it :whistle:
  15. The khaki/ebony version I saw in the store had a natural color strap.