New Legacy Stripe Turnlock Valet Keyfob

  1. Just wanted to share a picture! It's so cute :love:

  2. It is totally cute. I just got the exact same key fob valet in fushia and am totally loving it! It is nice and heavy and very well made!
  3. that's awesome!
  4. I had a hard time deciding between that one and the heart one yesterday. I went with the heart but the valet is next on my list! It's so pretty!
  5. [​IMG]

    Here the keychain is separated.

    Thanks, ladies!

    I'm getting the heart at some point too, it will look great on my new LV.
  6. I have the valet in fushia but am loving the stripe one, too! Very cute:heart:
  7. Dont'cha just love it Sarah!!! I have it too and I love it so much! yesterday at work I kept my keys on my desk all day instead of in my bag just so I could look at it!!
  8. It's beautiful!
    I picked one up yesterday too!
  9. I picked one up today. I think it will be perfect for separating my mailbox keys from the rest of them. :smile:
  10. SO cute. Thanks for sharing Sarah. :smile:
    Now I want one!
  11. Very cute! It's on my wish list now. Thanks for sharing Sarah! :smile:
  12. OMG! Want that sooo bad! Too cute!
  13. I love that.
  14. What is the # for that lovely item! :nuts:
  15. OMG that is SO SO SO cute!!! I love it!