New Legacy Signature Satchel....

  1. Anyone considering buying the new legacy signature satchel?


    It retails for over $600.00 which is why I'm having 2nd thoughts on it. I really like the contrast between the khaki signature print and ebony leather, but it also looks similar to the daphne satchel with the buckles/turnlocks and all. I splurged on the one with the brown leather trim, braided handles, canvas (?) material when it first came out because I REALLY wanted it--sorry, I don't remember the exact description but it's the one that Jessica Alba has been photographed with.

    What are your thoughts on the satchel?

    BTW--I'm new to this forum and as I read through the different threads, I feel great that I joined! Everyone here is very helpful :yes:
  2. I actually prefer the all-leather version, but whatever you get I think the style is great. I'm becoming fond of Coach again after a hiatus in which I was/am obsessed with LV. Coach has such great leather products that I'm being sucked back in...
  3. it is nice.