New legacy signature color combo coming out

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  1. khaki signature/navy trim - looked very similar to the khaki/espresso. I saw it in the ali and shoulder - but I'm wondering if the Mandy will come out in it too???? I forgot to ask!
  2. Sounds nice.
  3. Wow, I would love those colors as I wear khaki's to work several days a week, and I love navy twinsets with them. Can I ask where you saw them, and how soon they will be out??? I am so excited, I haven't seen Coach do alot in navy lately!!! Thanks:yes:
  4. Oooh yes, can we have an SA confirm? My Mom would love this!
  5. Ooh, that sounds great! Navy is a favorite of mine!
  6. sounds so pretty! too bad i wear a TON of black. i would clash!
  7. krispin - I will head back today and check