NEW Legacy sig hippie flap

  1. Hello! I am going to order the new Legacy hippie flap on Wednesday!! Wish me luck..I have never ordered a bag without seeing IRL first! yikes...I know a few of you have been interested in this bag as well. So, I thought I'd post some info..... (I'll post lots of pics when I get her!) The price is $398 Item #11145. The dimensions are 11x12x3. It has a front slip pocket under the flap (similar to the flap bag), inside zip pocket, cell and multifunction pocket as well. I hope she's a beauty in real life!!:graucho:

  2. i hope it looks as good IRL! congrats on the new purchase.
  3. Love the pic -- looks like the bag will be gorgeous. Post modeling pics when you get her... Congrats!
  4. Thanks tallone and lvdreamer! I was going to wait until Wednesday to order just in case one of my two local stores gets it in, but they both think they are just getting new Ergo stuff on Wednesday, NO Legacy. So I'm just going to bite the bullet and order today! :smile: I'll post pics later this week.
  5. ok...just got back from ordering!!!!:nuts: I went to the Scottsdale store thinking if ANY store gets this on the floor, it will be Scottsdale. No Go...they said the ONLY store they know of who will have this bag on the floor is Vegas. SO..I ordered. They said it will be delivered in 5-7 business it REALLY take 5-7 days or do they just say that?? I'm not anxious or anything!lol:whistle:
  6. I ordered one from another store and it actually took 5-7 days. After all those days, it was the wrong color! It was so awful.

    But, anyways, that bag is amazing! Definitely show it off when it comes in!
  7. Wow! A new hippie style! I love it!

  8. grrrr...Thats what I'm worried about. I've heard a lot of ordering horror stories lately but I have faith! I will definitely post pics when I get her. I'm excited!:graucho:
  9. Did you order THIS EXACT bag? If so, what color? how do you like it?
  10. This is a pretty bag, can't wait to see more pictures of them
  11. CONGRATS!!!!! I LOVE Chocolate Siggy!!!! and once again, tonight, I MUST go find me some CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL.... PLEASE post modelling pics when it arrives!!!