New Legacy Shoulder Flap what color?

  1. I've been working in building for the last 4 years that has a Coach store on the 1st floor. Lucky for me I've been able to show restraint. But then the new fall stuff came out.
    I love the Legacy Shoulder Flap, but I can't decide on what color. Black or Whiskey. The lady at the 800 # told me to do Black because the Whiskey will age. I like both but I am torn.
    I truly have more black then brown handbags. And I keep all my bags, so what would be good for the long haul?

  2. I must say that I'm IN LOVE with anything legacy in whisky. The fact that it will age gives it character.'s beautiful!!
  3. Yeah I'd go with the Whiskey as well
    I love the way it looks on the legacy bags!
  4. I recently started a thread asking if anyone liked these bags or considered one! yeah for you!!! I like it also. I think this bag looks great in black leather or the khaki/black sig. I actually don't like the whiskey which I know a lot of girls on here do. :shame: ohhhhhh....nobody yell...hee hee.
    Post pics when you get it! I'd love to see a modeling pic. :tup:
  5. Either color would be good for the long haul. Since you have mainly black bags though, I would go with Whiskey. I have an Ali in whiskey and I love it. The "aging" that the Coach CS person mentioned isn't a bad thing. It just makes the bag look even more vintage.

    I think it's the perfect color and style for casual wear.
  6. Whiskey is such a gorgeous color!! I get so many compliments.
  7. I am really drawn to the Whiskey as well. Plus it seems like most of my coach bags are black. But I just bought 2 Louis Vuittons in monogram.
    Too bad it did not come in Red. I am all about Red right now.
  8. Have you considered Clay? It's not a color I would normally wear, but I bought the Gigi in Clay and I absolutely ADORE the color. It's so chic with the brass hardware and it really looks amazing. Plus it would be different than the other colors of bags that you have, yet it would go with pretty much everything.

  9. I was thinking the same thing the clay color ir rare and TDF!:drool:
  10. I actually saw the clay in person. It's not really my style. I tend to be very classic. I have a few random purses but for this price, I am leaning towards the black or the brown.
  11. The whiskey is popular but I usually don't like it.. it can take on orange tones and it scratches REALLY easily.. I know they can rub out a lot, but still, something to think about, I have seen some whiskey I like, but it can vary a lot.
  12. I have this bag on my mental wishlist..just love it! I'm a little leery of Whiskey, b.c. I'm so A.R. :shame: I think I'd have issues with it..but I do love the W. color. I most likely would get it in Clay or the brown sig..which I really like. I need a brown bag..have none. I wonder if the Clay would scratch easily...those of you w/ Clay bags..opinions?? I LOVE the bag, so anything you get it in will be beautiful!
  13. So over time, the whiskey will look like a worn leather jacket? Does the black wear at all? I never take care of my purse and I know the corners wear but that's about ti.
  14. this is the exact reason why I don't like whiskey. I've seen some that are really pretty and then some bags look too orange and the color is off to me. I don't like the scratches it shows either. I know some people like scratches because it looks "more vintage" but to me it just looks like an old scratched used bag. IMO...
  15. Definitey Whiskey. You can always get a black bag anywhere.