New Legacy Satchel Colors FYI - 12704

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  1. The website shows it only in Amethyst, Bottle Green and Black.

    If you call JAX they also show it available in Bronze, Brown and Gray.

    If you ask your boutique they will tell you these are not available/do not exist because they cannot see them for some reason.

    I confirmed, and confirmed again with several different associates at JAX, they all told me the same thing, the new Legacy Satchel is available in *SIX* colors.

    Gray - 3
    Bronze - 171
    Brown - 94
  2. Good info! Some here have the gray one from when it was piloted. I wonder if any more will show up in inventory.

    And I've seen the brown at Macy's.
  3. Thanks for the info! My store last night said only the 3 as you mentioned and I was inquirying about the gray satchel. I am waiting on this one anyways since there is no pce allowed for new Legacy this time around.
  4. I saw both brown and gray the boutiques yesterday...not just returns. :confused1: They also have the bronze clutches in stock, and a few other bronze pieces here and there. I was told that not every boutique will get the same items, but some of each line. There is no longer a "Legacy store" designation, and the company is being restructured. So, if you don't see the items at one store, you should definitely check others.

    This is also true for other styles, and not just 12704.
  5. Oh, there will also be at least parchment and possibly other colors which I can't remember right now because it's been a while since I've checked. It's just that right now not everything has been released..or they only have partial stock for.
  6. FYI... Another point which I will post here since I'm not on that much as of late, is that the regular line satchels and totes will have the Legacy stripe lining. There are still a few of these bags floating around that have SOLID linings. These are pilots. I've just noticed this in some stores, but not when they are ordered from JAX.

    In addition...the website appears to be wrong regarding item 12654, the medium shoulder flap. Supposedly this bag comes with the stripe lining. However, I have not yet seen a REGULAR LINE bag that has it. I double checked the creed on the bags at all the stores, and they all appear to have SOLID linings for the regular bags as well as pilots. I think it's probably just a mistake on the website since the top handle also was not given the stripe lining for the regular line either. I guess only the satchels and totes will get the stripe lining (and the accessories, of course)!!