New Legacy ROSE, from the Thompson Collection...

  1. Here's my new Legacy Thompson Tophandle in Rose, a color that many of us fell in love with! She's also pictured with my 2006 Legacy Rose bags to show their similarity of colors. I'm so looking forward to Spring to enjoy this color again...
    th_IMGP0480.jpg th_IMGP0481.jpg th_IMGP0496.jpg
  2. that color looks really pretty.. hard to see the pics because they won't go big but it looks beautiful! :tup:
  3. I'm dying to see but your pics are tiny! Any way you can make them bigger?
  4. WOWZER!!!!!!!!!!!:tup:.... and I never use that fun word very often..:huh:
  5. beautiful
  6. Oooooooh...LOVE the pinks/rosies!!
  7. What a pretty color. Enjoy her!
  8. Let me try the pics again, I hope they are larger(?)
    IMGP0480-1.jpg IMGP0481-1.jpg IMGP0496-1.jpg
  9. All I can say is wow!!! Congrats I love them
  10. OK, I am not computer savvy, so the whole process of resizing pics for the Forum leaves me mystified each time I try it, but I think these are better. Enjoy!:tup:
  11. OMG, you have a rose slim flap!! I would looooooooooooove a rose Ali!!

    Oh, and congrats on you new rose purchase!!!
  12. Yes, I agree, a Rose Ali would be gorgeous!!! Thanks for your comments, too!
  13. OMG!!! AWESOME!!! Congrats!!!
  14. I have the Karee and the Hobo in the Thompson Collection, the Top Handle is going to be my next one. I am totally in love with this collection. I havent felt this way about a collection in over 2 years.
  15. OK, we a few of the same bags. I have the Karee, Ink Tophandle and the Ink Hobo, as well. I LOVE the Thompson Collection, and I love that COACH lowered the original prices. That way I could justify buying more!