New Legacy Raisin???

  1. On, under Handbags, then in the "All Handbags" drop, click on Legacy . . . then this shows up at the very top! Didn't see any actual bags down below with this color yet, so maybe this is a preview!

    It is a very *pink* raisin, if that is indeed what it is. . .but I think it is cute!
  2. Pretty! I LOVE the size....a smaller flap bag...but it doesn't look like raisin to me?? I would call it more of a rose color.. I hope these come out soon. I love it! THanks for posting...:yes:
  3. cverhoff, I agree, it definitely looks like a rose color. . . I remember others descibing "raisin" as looking more like the magenta color in the legacy stripes. . . ?

    I just kept staring at it after I posted, thinking "have I ever seen a raisin this color???"
  4. LOL..I hope this bag comes out soon and in other colors as well. The rose is pretty but I wouldn't use a rose bag very often.
  5. That is the rose :smile: Mainly because that style was discontinued and the raisin is a darker color!
  6. OH...this style was discontinued?? I thought maybe it is new... I don't remember seeing it?? :sad: Oh, well...
  7. :shrugs:
    Thank you, Sprinkles! Is this maybe a goof on like the temporary reappearance of the patent apple keyfobs and Atlantic Lily the other night?

    And NOW I am remembering seeing this style last year, but not in this color (I think I saw Whiskey?), hence the confusion. . . Must just be wishful thinking to check out that raisin!!! :smile:
  8. just curious...what is the name of this bag?
  9. Bummer! I clicked fast because I imagined a Legacy Satchel in a dark raisin color thinking "I'm all over that!" - if they do have a leather raisin, would love to see!:smile:
  10. That is the Legacy small flap bag and that rose color was all over the outlets a couple months ago. It also came in signature w/ebony leather trim, whiskey, parchment/white, and black. I have one in black (shown in my collection link below but not in the pic in my signature). Awesome purse for those times when you need a smaller bag.
  11. The raisin color is going to be a purply brown deep color.
    The shoulder flap will eventually be made in Raisin and the Leigh pocket flap bag should be released by late September.
  12. Do you know how the raisin will look compared to the plum thats currently out?? darker? lighter? I think the plum thats out right now looks like a deep purply brown?? Seems like they will be very similar.
  13. Now that I think about it, I did see these on eBay for a while! :rolleyes:
  14. I was told by Coach Customer Service that it is a purply brown kind of color so I think it will be very similar to the plum color on the Ergo Belted Hobos. I will most likely be getting the Leigh in Raisin.
  15. I've seen the raisin in the small red book at the boutique. To me it doesn't appear to be anything like the Plum. Whoever said it was like the magenta stripe of the Legacy line is more accurate.