New Legacy Line Comign Out In May????

  1. Anyone have any info on what s coming out?? I dont want to buy another legacy item and find out something better s coming out!!
  2. i have the same question. i want the legacy shoulder in pond, but is something cuter coming out?
  3. I am debating getting the Ali in brown. a. I LOVE Ali. b. I love and wear a lot of brown. But I already have Black Ali, Whiskey Mandy and Pond Shoulder bag. I am just afraid that I will have too many of the current legacys and then something else will come out that I have to have. But I really really really want the brown Ali. Anyways, any insights to the new legacy line would be appreciated. Also, I thought they were suppose to come out this fall?
  4. This is part of the reason I am hesitating so much on the summer lines (Carly, Ergo). The Legacy slim tote is gorgeous, but not suited to my needs, and I am anxious to see what else is coming out in Legacy for fall!
  5. I just spoke to my SA who said I can see what is in the back due to be on the floor on the 26th. She said the legacy denim rather than the carly denim is going to be in an Ali type with a brown strap and bottom and the typical legacy two pocket should tote in denim and chocolate C's She says the pocket tote is beautiful, not unlike the Cruisewear denim but brown straps and leather bottom to protect it unlike the Carly. Always a new it comes in Jade too...