new Legacy key fobs!!!

  1. I went to Coach today at lunch to see the new floorset and grab a new catalog…It was very funny, because I was walking around checking everything out and talking to the Mgr (who knows me by name now) and one of the SA's came over and said "Lisa do you have the new catalog?", I had to laugh because I didn't realize that now even the SA's know me by name too!!!
    Anyway I also picked up 2 new Legacy key fobs while I was there. One is the valet turnlock with legacy stripes and the other is a Legacy picture frame key fob with the cutest little coin (like the coins on all of the legacy bags), They are so adorable!!! They don't show up on the website so I'll post pics when I get home (I'll also include pics of my new Mandy and my new leather Legacy black satchel which is arriving today!!) I'm a happy happy girl!!!
  2. haha cute...and congrats on ur goodies :smile:
  3. Cant wait to see the pictures! I'm not going to the mall until Saturday. So till then I will live vicariously thru you girls!
  4. Thanks to one of the previous threads informing us about the new floorset, I am actually heading to the mall soon... =D I'm currently not purchasing any handbags since I need to still pay off one =D hehe... BUT, im going to go pick up this as a little treat for myself. What do you all think? :

  5. That Keyfob is beautiful. I love it! Congrats! Please post pictures when you receive it.
  6. I like how you can use it as a bracelet!
  7. I LOVE this one! I love that it can be worn as a bracelet too! I don’t remember seeing this one at the store, but they may have had it…I just laid my eyes on the 2 legacy ones and it was all over!!!
  8. A Legacy stripe valet?!?! My wallet's just getting thinner and thinner everytime I hear about these cute new items;)
  9. Tha picture frame keyfob sounds adorable, can't wait to see pics! :smile:
  10. LOL I posted about this too... oh well!
  11. I almost bought that keyfob but thought it was too heavy. Didnt even think of wearing it as a bracelet! good idea!
  12. I posted pics in Sarah's thread titled 'New legacy stripe items'...:tup:
  13. I LOVE this one, just hate the price!!
  14. That is so cute! I :heart: it! I wonder how long it is! I would love to wear it as a bracelet! How much is it?
  15. Oh wow, I didn't realize it can also be worn as a bracelet! That actually makes it worth all the money! I'm definitely getting one!!