New legacy info, also clothes talk!

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  1. So I saw a tiny sneak peek at the new summer legacy and it looks like they're doing the Legacy Cotton thing they did last year- again! It will be in the ali, satchels etc, not sure sure on colors yet though!!

    The line up goes (roughly):

    February 23rd- Hamptons Weekend, Hamptons Optic
    March 4th- Fragrance
    End of March - Ergo
    End of April - Cotton Legacy

    I really want one of those long sleeve cashmere tops :sad: If you want to RAOK me one, let me know!! :heart::heart:

    We were talking about all the gorgeous clothes in the catalog today and it seems like they just sew up some stuff (ie. the yellow dresses) for pictures. Wouldn't it be an amazing idea to sell the damn stuff? I mean, it could be similar prices to Marc by Marc Jacobs, but I think the clothes would sell amazingly. This is if they really make the catalog clothes and don't get them from some no name company. They could throw in random signature pieces (like the signature outline wrap dress from the catalog last spring) but mainly keep it plain and gorgeous. It drives me nuts that these clothes are in the catalog and not for sale!!!
  2. I agree with you Sprinkles! I love the big floppy Legacy Stripe Sun Hat in the new catalog.

    Are the new Legacy items Signature like last years?

    Any confirmation on the navy blue/khaki sig combo?
  3. Yes, exactly like that! What is this navy blue/khaki sig combo you speak of? Is it the legacy in the red CBSR book? If so, it looks navy but it's khaki/ebony.
  4. I would love that. I like the way you think sprinkles.
  5. Me too. I want it. I keep on asking my SA if they will sell it?
  6. I know you are all referring to the legacy leather bags, but when can we order/get the legacy stripe items?
  7. thanks sprinkles!

    are stores supposed to be giving out the new catalogs? it seems like everyone has one already, but my store keeps saying "not till next week," blah blah blah
  8. Does that mean the website will be updated on 2/23 to reflect the new items coming out?
  9. yep, I saw this in the look book yesterday. I'm headed back today to decide on my ergo cross body, and I will ask when it's available.
  10. [​IMG]

    So those French wallets are cotton Legacy, right? Will they be cheaper?
  11. February 23rd- Hamptons Weekend, Hamptons Optic

    Will think include the scribble???
  12. I'm going to guess anything in the book that doesn't say it's coming out in April (with the exception of the fragrance) will be out this Friday. Yes?
  13. i know!!! the dresses are just so beautiful and i really wish that coach did sell them. i would most definately walk in and say "can you give me everything thats on page X because i want to look like her!"
  14. Thanks for the info, Sprinkles! Will the Hamptons Weekend be in any colors besides the green and white in the catalog? Love the green and love that this looks more like the older cotton Hamptons than the satiny recent bags. I've got a gift certificate burning a hole in my wallet - but love knowing what's coming out next so I can hold out for the perfect bag!