New Legacy Hobo at Coach

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  1. does anyone have this bag in the metallic color? if not, is this a YAY or a NAY for $498? thanks for all your input, gals!
    coach 498.jpg
  2. I love that style bag, I like the dog leash clip. I say YAY!

    But just an fyi they are coming out in canvas in a few weeks and those run around $378
  3. thanks, Kiari! i was torn between the metallic and white, but perhaps i should wait to check out the canvas?
  4. I love that bag; it is a bag like that makes me want to go running to the nearest Coach store.
  5. good Becca! i won't be alone then! we can hold hands and scour the whole place before picking it up! ;) :lol:
  6. These are the Canvas style. The Leather is on the bottom right.


    I love the leather, it is more of an off white, buttery and so dang soft!
  7. thanks, Kiari! the canvas totes are too cute! your help is wonderful-thank you:shame: -but the choices are now making it more difficult for me to choose just one fabric/color :wacko: :lol:
  8. Cute bag....have you seen it in store? Maybe it will help you make your decision?
  9. I can see it now; we will be skipping along in glee! :P
  10. SuLi, i'm going to check it out on thursday. it may help me only in that i may leave with MORE than 1 bag :cry: :lol:
  11. yeah, and then only to find that our bag is currently not in stock :lol:
  12. I love that bag- I like the white over the metallic.
  13. The white looks great! Not sure about metallic though.
  14. thanks Shelley and kathyrose! i was just going to buy the metallic online w/out seeing it IRL. i'll check out the white and any other colors available when i hit the store in a few days.
  15. I love the white vs metallic! I've wanted that bag for so long! And usually I dont like bags that dont zip at the time, but I would make an exception for this bag in a heartbeat, lol!
Thread Status:
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