New Legacy collection sucked me back into Coach

  1. Hello, hello-
    I wondered if anyone else became re-enamored with Coach once they released this new Legacy collection? I switched from Coach to be a Louis Vuitton devotee a little over a year ago, but I love these new bags. I'm dying for the whiskey bag - either the satchel or the shoulder bag. But, it's more expensive than the LV I want, and I'm pretty sure that I can't save $700+ before they sell out.
  2. LOL don't you hate when that happens! Which do you want? The satchel?
  3. ugh. it's super expensive for me as a student

    but a great piece to carry for ages.
  4. It is quite expensive. I wonder if it will hold up for ages, though. I tried on the whiskey shoulder bag in the store, and it was all scratched up just from sitting on the shelf.
  5. That's the one thing that worries me about the bag. It is designed that way - to scratch. That's alot of rubbing with the fingers! (That's what they suggest to get the scratches to blend in).
  6. I definitely was one who switched from Coach to LV many years ago and even though I hadn't completely abandoned Coach I was definitely more into LV but since the the Legacy collection came out I have been practically obsessed. I have only one piece from this collection so far but definitely plan to get more.
  7. I'm right there with you! I used to buy Coach exclusively and then quit buying when it became so common. The Legacy bags are anything but common, at least in my opinion, and now I find myself lusting after Coach again. :drool:

    Also, I wanted to say that after carrying my Legacy Shoulder Zip for two weeks now, I think the leather is holding up very nicely. My bag is black so scratches aren't going to show up as much as they would on the Whiskey but the scratches and indentations do rub out quite nicely. The leather has kind of a waxy feel to it - I can't think of another way to describe it. I was carrying my Legacy bag next to my Gallery Tote and the buckles on the tote make some nasty indentations in the leather on my purse. I was able to rub them out with my fingers and you can't even tell they were there.
  8. I'm another Coach ==> LV convert. I used to love Coach, but then they shipped their manufacturing overseas, raised the prices, and cut waaayyy back on the lovely leather bags they were famous for. I never could quite get into the signature line, even though it's my initials (CC). The new Legacy line definitely piqued my interest, but as others have said, it's overpriced and too easily scratched up. If I'm going to spend that much $$, I'd rather spend it on an LV that will last a lifetime and hold its value.
  9. I bought the legacy satchel in black and have yet to carry it but it's beautiful and it's heavy. I love the new things and plan to buy more but I love my new satchel.
  10. MandB,

    I did too, I've been over coach for so long and now that the Legacy collection is here, well.. picture says everything, doesn't it?:yahoo:

    I just got back from Coach boutique to pick her up:love:, the purse looks more darker in person, love it.:yes:
  11. it's beautiful! I ADORE the legacy collection!!
  12. THAT is gorgeous!!!! I love!!! Enjoy it! :heart: Emmy
  13. Thanks JAP4life, I love it too.
  14. Thanks Emmy..I am loving it
  15. ^^Yeah I noticed that on the leather as well, and it kind of turned me off. But of course I LOVE the accessories! Bought a keychain as a gift, bought the coin purse, westie fob, hair scarf, and soon the S key chain and who knows what else!