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  1. Now that the new Legacy collection is viewable online, I realized that I saw several of the bags on display at the Coach store in Houston, Texas about 3 or 4 weeks ago. It was at the Coach store at the Memorial City Mall and they had several of those bags with the really big turnkeys on the front. I thought they were cute, but stopped looking at them as soon as I saw the price tag. I remember all the buzz about when the new Legacy bags would be released and I thought it wasn't supposed to be until this week or next, so is it possible that they had them in Houston much earlier???
  2. I don't see the new legacy collection online I just see the new hamptons & stripe on Coach's I missing something?? Is it viewable on another website?
  3. Coach sent me an email with a link. Also, on the main Coach website, try clicking on the lower part of the page where it says something about exploring the Legacy collection and has some colored stripes. I'll try posting the link, but am not sure if I know how to do it properly.
  4. Wow. Thanks!

    On their webpage they have a photo of the New Yorker hotel. That is where I met my husband on our first date.

    It brought back so many nice memories. Thank you!!! :yes:
  5. There is some seriously hot things in this collection. I'm not a huge fan of the purses, but some of the stuff under the wearables section is HOT! Like the stripe ballet flats? I would loooooooove to have those if I had the money.
  6. I really like the Legacy Signature Top Handle Pouch, kind of wish they had it in dark brown though. Oh, and the zodiac charms are cute, but some of them clash.
  7. Thanks for the link,I love the pink wristlet TDF! I really love the stripe lining, they should make a purseket in that fabric. I see their prices are still pretty high...
    This is on my want list right now...I tried the try it on button but my stupid computer was having a javascript problem so I'll have to wait to see it IRL.
  8. Wow. I love stripes so this collection is really doin' it for me :heart:3 Too bad its out of my price range :sad: But maybe I could get my hands on some small accessories! These are what I really really like --
    10341_BKHEB-1_d2.jpg 10463_B4MC-1_d2.jpg 40223_BKHEB-1_d2.jpg 40243_B4MC_d2.jpg 40264_BKHEB_d2.jpg 98087_MTI_d2.jpg
  9. [​IMG]

    I saw this one IRL. It's beautiful and the striped inside lining is too cute. :love:

    I love this rose colored leather. I wish more bags came in this color.

  10. The store in Houston may have been a pinnicle store where they get a few items early to see the reaction.
  11. I never heard of a pinnicle store. What exactly is that?

    BTW, Cindi, I love that brown/tan legacy bag. I saw it in person too and thought it was beautiful. Too bad it was so expensive :sad:
  12. Oh dear. I might need that pinkish legacy flap.
    No. Bad Kristin! Bad!
  13. I think the only Pinnacle store in Houston is the Galleria.

    And Pinnacle stores don't necessarily get stuff early. Coach will do test market stores to gauge reaction. the store in our region that tested the Legacy product wasn't even a fashion store.

    And to explain... Fashion, Flagship, Pinnacle are all different types of stores. There is your regular ol' Coach store, one step up from that is your Fashion store (carries a few more items than a reg. store). One up from that is Flagship (there again, more stuff), and above that is Pinnacle (carries the most stuff). Also throw in Hot Weather, Asian Tourist, Men's Concept, Footwear, Sunwear, and it is a big huge mess....
  14. Mmmm, I knew I was holding out on Coach for a reason! I want sooo much.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. also if you are still having problems accessing the site, type "legacy" in the search box, and it all comes out!