New legacy bags...

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  1. Does anyone have the new Legacy bag pictures on hand.. maybe some style numbers .. are they all pilots?

    I am mostly interested in the tote style but I wanted a good look at them all. Has anyone bought the tote yet?
  2. I have style number 12705P in the Amethyst. I can't post modeling pics, but I hope this gives you an idea as to how it looks.

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  3. Wow, that's a beautiful color! :tup: Would you mind giving us price information?

  4. I agree!
  5. How do you like it? Quality, etc.

    Thanks! :smile:
  6. I wish I could remember the specific price info. I think it was 698? I got it with PCE. The color is gorgeous. The leather is light which is a welcome change from most of my Coach bags that start off heavy, but it doesn't have the substantial feeling I'm used to. I really don't know how to explain it. It's a quality bag, it's just not the quality you expect from a legacy bag. I'm not sure I would have kept it had I not gotten it with PCE.

    Does that confuse people or help? :confused1:
  7. Thyat's a stunning color!
  8. Gosh that is a gorgeous color... This is the tote that I want! I had the opportunity to get it at PCE too but they would only let me order gray or black and I was not sure on the gray and I feel really dumb for not buying it now... I like this and the lindsay shopper.

    I wonder if the amethyst will be available to buy when they "come out"

    Does anyone know when they will be in stores?