New leather

  1. I might be in the minority here, but I really don't like the new leather (ducks flying tomatoes being thrown at me). I decided I was going to buy a Balenciaga last weekend, my first, and when I saw them, I really did not like the look of the leather. Anyone else holding on to hope that they might bring the old leather back?
  2. I have four Bbags but they are all in the "new" leather. I am very happy with my bags though. The leather gets better with wear. However, I've heard nothing but great things from people who have bags with the "old" leather. I would love to have a few of them too!
  3. SuLi, your avatar is hilarious. That looks like my niece! I don't think they are changing the leather. The fall "swatches" are out, and the leather looks the same as the current leather. But you never know...
  4. I wish I had the same bag in both leathers to compare. Like Kat I have owned and sold 4 different b-bags which I believe were all the "new" leather and I thought they were yummy. I could only imagine what the old leather would feel like.
  5. Definitely!
    I'm holding back from buying for that reason. I wish the F/W bags would come out soon so we can know once and for all...
  6. I'm holding on to that hope for dear life

    Of course, there are some ladies that have been successful at garnering "less distressed" bags from friendly Bal NY SA Joseph! So that's another option for fall....
  7. i have 9 old smooshy leather bal bags. i returned my 06 selections bc i am spoiled. i would consider new leather if old does not return for a discount....
  8. I actually have seen both the old and the new. Although the old is squishier and richer than the new...i like how the new one is shinnier and defiantely looks sharper.
  9. I really love the style & the color, so I don;t really care about the quality of the leather... as I never saw the old leather IRL... but still not all of the new leather is that bad... some of them gorgeous too....
  10. I am definitely holding out for better leather myself. I don't mind the new leather that much. Actually, I didn't really mind the leather for Fall 2005 but Spring 2006 leather was an even further step away from what it used to be. *crosses fingers for squishier leather*
  11. I have one bag in the old leather and one in the new. The older leather is definitely's softer and not as distreesed. The new leather has more distressing with a white vein-y look and it ripples/wrinkles along the seams. But I love the cornflower color too much to return it! :amuse:
  12. I was in Holt's today and I was telling the SA that I wasnt crazy about the new leather (although I do still like it in black, white and ink!) so she said "Oh dont worry, their suppose to be bringing the old leather back later this year" She said she was at a Trunk show and thats what they said, but the Bal NY people say no, new leather is staying. So who knows, it could be one of 2 things:

    1) Holts lady is crazy and doesnt know what she's talking about
    2) Bal NY people want to sell current bags and dont want people to hold out for better leather so they pretend its not coming back.

    Who knows, iether way I'll still keep buying the bags.
  13. I hope it's 2 and it does sound plausible
  14. I haven't seen the old leather, but have heard great things about it...and I only have one bag in the new, but I like it. If you can find one that isn't too distressed, it really is nice and gets softer with use.

    Coincidentally, I spoke to my SA (Joseph) at Bal NY about this yesterday. (My original purpose was to inquire about a bag, but I was curious to get his opinion about this old vs. new issue). He said that right now, the designers seem to favor the new, thin, paper-y leather. However, they've received so many requests (complaints?) from people about going back to the old that they would probably do so. He couldn't exactly say when, but it sounds like it will happen....
  15. I was told from Bal that they are staying with the new leather because it is harder to copy and they are tired of the counterfit bags. I love my new bags but I have never seen the old.