New leather, Volynka Russian Leather?

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  1. :lol::giggle:
  2. Ahahaha:lol: My kitty is in kitty heaven, so no cat tax :giggle:
    Here's the photos in outdoor sunlight...
    The color is predominantly brown with touch of red.
    Used Hermes plates to hold wallet down to keep it relevant:biggrin:
    The scent is very unusual.
    I shall name my wallet Rudolfski.
    I wonder how much that depeche or Bollide was??? must be very scary....:shocked:
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    Sorry to hear about your kitty.

    The details are very nice! I like the grain. :heart:
    That sac a depeches is not for sale. H made it a museum piece, I think.
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  4. Another pic of the Volynka Bolide, by becomingbea @ IG
    And a video of it being brushed
  5. Wow! I seriously think I could get over my phobia of embossed leathers for this.

    And, a brush?! How totally H
  6. Love your bag!
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  7. Wow! A handbag brush. #1 on the list of things you never knew you needed!
    Great video - you get a wonderful view of the leather itself, in all its rippled glory! Thanks for sharing.
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  8. Thank you very much pjhm! I use it nearly every day.
  9. holy crap im obsessed!
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    So I got the book about the new Russian leather, which is only available in French

    It contains the fascinating history and appeal of Russian leather in the good old days. Also contains a lot of pictures like the Kelly made with the 1786 Metta Catharina Russian leather

    And Hermès products using the "cuir de Russie"

    It also detailed how Elise Blouet
    Elise-Blouet_largeP.jpeg (this woman)

    Spearheaded the research in bringing back the Russian leather based from the 1786 shipwreck leather.

    But I wasn't satisfied with what I read, especially since it didn't mention how Hermès was instrumental (if ever) in bringing back the Russian leather, that now they are calling Volynka.

    So I wrote to Elise Blouet herself, and this is what she wrote back:

    "As for Hermès, they have been following my research since the beginning and showed in increasing interest in it.
    The entire project was independent but, as we managed to get some good results, Hermès asked me if Baker tannery could sell them some of this leather. We worked hand in hand to define exactly what Hermès needed and this lead to the Volynka leather. It is, of course, Russia Leather but with a precise color, grain and "hand" exclusive to Hermès.

    The Baker tannery sells some its production to other brands, like Crockett and Jones for the shoes
    peebles-6316rd-4r-1.jpeg (like this one)

    or Serge Amoruso for bags.
    22069866_365865990518613_7525371993579847680_n.jpeg (like these)"
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  11. You are so wonderful

    Crockett and Jones sell women's shoes too (and Hand-grade for men). You may have to get in touch with them to ask about their Russian leather.
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  12. thank you :heart:
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  13. Oh this is so wonderful! Thank you for contacting Mme Blouet and sharing info with us! :flowers:
    My mouth actually watered when I saw the Russian Leather Kelly.
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  14. You are so awesome!! Thanks for all the research!
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  15. Just curious...does the Serge Amoruso look more similar to Russian leather then Volynka or Crockett Jone's leather?