New leather, Volynka Russian Leather?

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    "Its name is an invitation to dream and travel. Lost for many years, the secret of its unique tanning has now been rediscovered: Russian leather is being reborn in the new leather collection under the name Volynka."
    It seems Hermes has learned how to tan leather like the old Russian Reindeer leather, which you can read about here:

    I guess my question is it this leather still reindeer or calf?

    Does it have that cross-hatched emboss?

    Has anyone seen a bag made from Volynka yet?
  2. Crap. Well, there goes my future income.
  3. :angel:I hope they make a wallet in this leather ASAP.
  4. How interesting - I am dying to see - and smell- this new leather! Thanks for posting this.
  5. Guys, it looks similar to oil tanned leather that is used for Italian furniture (and western wear). But great marketing on their part. Picture below from a western tannery.

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  6. It's definitely different than normal oil tanned leather because of the embossing.....but def great marketing on Hermes. A lot of other brands already sell Russian leather products for years now, for example GJ Cleverly makes a whole bunch of Russian leather products:

    Edelman tannery makes Russian type hides too:
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  7. The colour of that HAC looks to-die-for, but not sure I'm keen on the embossing!
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  8. Not impressed. Reminds me of epsom. Glad I zoomed in fo a closer look.
  9. I agree. :yes: Love the colour but the texture just looks off. But then I'm not a fan of overly processed or embossed leather. I wish they'd left it all natural looking as seen in the unprocessed hide photos. Beautiful and I just want to stroke and sniff that photo.
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  10. Agreed, the color of the hides looked great until I saw the embossing. Shame.
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  11. I agree. Not impressed. AND I don’t care for the marketing campaign. They’ve gone overboard. JMO.
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  12. It is also waterproof from my understanding.
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  13. I am interested. hope they will make it on other products....I am not too fancy about huge bags now...
  14. I would prefer this over Epsom....but i agree with most of you, the embossing turns me off.
  15. here i had a pleasure to present my volynka bolide, i'm not sure about the embossing beforehand but after seeing it's so much different than regular epsom. It's the most sturdy leather i see so far and it had the strong woody smell to the leather, now my room smells like birchwood.
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