New Leather Swatches

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  1. As promised, ladies, I just tried to post pics of some of the new BE leather swatches - but the attachments keep failing to upload. I have tried to do so a few times now and it just doesn't work. If you like, drop me a PM with your email address, and I will send you the pics individually - sorry about this!

    I don't have all the new swatches - only the olive VM, nutmeg VM, choco crackle, and shimmer grey.
  2. Sometimes the easiest way is to upload them to photobucket and then to link them here..
    or email them to me and I can post the up?
  3. You got it, emailing them now.
    The girls at BE just sent me a swatch of the red glossy leather and I think I am a goner - it's SO beautiful!
  4. Hi, got the swatches.. here they are:

    Shimmer gray:




    Choco Crackle

  5. Thanks for posting the snaps, Katie!
  6. India, you will find KatieFin a willing pix poster! Isn't she lovely? (Well, great - now I"m going to be singing that Stevie Wonder song all day long.) Also, LovieDovie and RaeBelle can be called upon to perform this daunting task. I and several other BE ladies have never been able to post any pix up here, either. So don't feel badly! Oh, and India, if you ever want to post on the BE website and can't figure it out, Ashley can help you. Thanks for sharing your swatch pix! Which bag/leather would you like to have? It's very nice having you here, by the way. We love it so much when new people come and we can pull them into our beautiful BE web.
  7. You are so sweet, thank you for the warm welcome! I am sure I will need help again soon - a swatch of the coffee vm should be with me next week! Ashley sent it but it got lost in the labyrinthine world of Indian post :smile:

    I am not sure about the leather yet - definitely an MMS midi - either in choco crash, coffee vm or red glossy. Want to see the choco crash and coffee swatches before I decide. I love the red glossy swatch - all that veining! If I get the red, I will go with silver hardware and maybe fuchsia lining? What do you think?
  8. India! Thank you for posting these swatches with Katie's help! I love the olive swatch!!

    And I also just got a swatch of the red glossy...and it blew me away with it's beauty!!

    Can't wait to see what you decide to order!
  9. You are very welcome - the olive is pretty hard-wearing too. Are you thinking of getting something in that colour?
  10. I do hope you get to see the choco crash very soon because it is almost all gone. I had it in an MMS midi just like the one you describe considering. I gave it to my daughter because I like huge bags. Like bags from which I could feed a horse a bucket of oats. Sweet Feed.

    Have you ever smelled Sweet Feed? It has molasses in it, and oh Great Day Miz Agnes, it is a fragrance you will never forget and long to smell again and again. Of course, we are not supposed to be talking about horse feed, now are we?

    I do believe you will love the MMS design. It's such a good-looking pocketbook, so easy to carry by hand, in crook of elbow, or on your shoulder. My MMS is in Kiwi, with the bubble-gum pink lining, so I have named her Sandia, which is "watermelon" in Spanish.

    The MMS would be beautiful in all the leathers you are perusing. Would be simply AMAZING in the red glossy! Every woman needs a red bag, right? Well, unless you hate red. So, every woman who likes red needs a red bag, right? There are cool reds and warm reds. My red is a Charm Me in a warm tomato red pebbled. She is Miss Cha-Cha, and when I take her out I feel a zip of wildness ricochet all through me.

    Okay, we've talked about the choco crash and the red glossy. Brown Velvet -- LovieDovie tried so hard to scratch that leather, and it wouldn't scratch. And she had a naked swatch. I mean untreated. No creams applied to it, no magic spray. Just a plain piece of brown velvet matte, and it would not scratch when she tried to make a mark on it. You may think about that as well.

    As you have probably already noticed, we BE women have no qualms at all over helping you spend your money. We find it extremely easy to talk each other into new goodies, and we are also really talented cheerleaders when you don't yet have the funds for a new bag but are saving for it. We are excited right along with you as your BE cash stash mounts and the scrumptious day of ORDERING becomes closer and closer!

    We are sick, see. We have BE Disease. But, really, it's such a wonderful malady to have. It's such Sweet Suffering.

  11. :hugs: Moonie...I just adore you!

    India...the idea of a Enchant Me midi has popped into my head in matte olive...I think it would be beautiful...but I am not sure my money tree is going to hold out! LOL!

    And I second Moonie's love for the MMS design...although I love me a "mini" BE something serious...I am carrying my MMS mini in green crash, and have one headed to me from London as we speak in choco crash!!
  12. You are a hoot! Oh gosh, horse feed? Really?! Hee!

    Yeah, i think it's going to come down to the red and the choco crash. At the moment I am totally digging the red - but choco crash looks so luxurious in all the pictures I have seen!
    And yes, I think the MMS Midi will be perfect - I wanted the elbow-carry option - and while I love big bags (I adore my taupe matte TME), I think the midi sizes look better on my shoulder and as cross-body bags.
    I am also pondering whether to get an AP and PM - I have a beautiful soft cognac leather wallet from Costume National (bought in my pre-BE days) but my dad says it's a man's wallet (he may be right, there's nothing feminine about it) and that it makes no sense to keep your cards and cash in the same wallet, in case it gets stolen. But I do love it all the same! There's something so classic about traditional wallets.
  13. P.S. Your kiwi MMS sounds divine! That is such a beautiful colour!
  14. That would be gorgeous!

    By the by, is this a new red glossy? If someone has the time would you mind posting a swatch of it? Sounds fab.

    Thanks for posting the other swatches, india!
  15. The EM midi is such a good design! I might get one next year - this BEC will be my last BE this year I think.