New leather style FW 08

  1. I went to Milan's Prada stores, yesterday (indeed they have three over there): they don't have full fall collection yet as they're still overselling gauffres and gauffres.......but they have samples of new leather styles for shoes: it's a very soft patent leather in two colors with a gradation going fro tan to black. Veery nice for women, but terrible looking in new man shoes. I don't have a full opinion yet.
    Sorry I didn't take pics (I never do in shops, it makes me ashamed...).

    P.S. I bought a pair of black patent leather Prada Linea Rossa wedges: they were so comfortable and only 230 euros....
  2. Are you saying that the Gauffres are still really popular and selling a lot? Is that what you mean by "overselling?"
  3. Exactly!
    The shop assistant told me that still gauffres are the most popular and the silver gauffre is now SUPER selling.
  4. ^ I have a huge Prada shoe shipment I need to open here...LOL...I got those shoes with the two tone colors..Ill post pics when I open the box....Gauffres will NEVER go out of style..IMHO..LOL!
  5. ^ I got the 2-tone heels (both colors). Which ones did you get?
  6. Jill, I'm ordering you to open that box and post pics :p
  7. Saw the two tone patent shoes for men in brown and navy today at the SoHo Prada store -- also, interesting note -- the fringed totes (both sizes) and my hobo are not marked down there -- they're in the early fall part of the store with new wool and fur jackets/coats in black, brown, off white/beige and white with the gauffes. Thought that was interesting.

    Did not see the new women's shoes yet.