New Leather sounds like "tedlack"

  1. I was just on to Bond street and the lovely SA was telling me about a new leather this Summer that sounds something like "tedlack". I didn't want to keep asking her to repeat herself but I couldn't hear very well.
    Can anyone shine some light on this one?
  2. veau tadelakt.i found it like a "denser" version of chamonix at least on the small swatchi fondled
  3. That sounds right.
    Thanks million! From the way she was describing it, it sounds like a gorgeous leather. Does any one know what bags they will be using it for?
  4. Also, it's quite soft.
  5. So far this leather has appeared in the form of a wallet.

    Looks even smoother than the box, but no grain and matte. I've never seen chamonix, so I can't comment on how similar.

    Initially i really liked it, but after a while, it seemed to lack the beauty of imperfections in leather. It's too perfect.

    My SA said all the SAs in his store went gaga over the new leather.
  6. Thats interesting to hear a new leather is going to be coming out.x
  7. so does this mean the new leather is going to be fairly easy to stratch like box? or is it more durable?
  8. I spoke to my SA today and he said that the Veau Tadelakt is cowskin and is supposed to be more scratch resistant than box. I am excited to see this!
  9. any one know what bags this will be used for?
  10. Also, will this cause another leather to be phased out?

  11. yes a denser, thicker chamonix but more velvety
  12. i heard swift is one likes it. the bags are harder to sell (what i was told)
  13. ^^interesting, thanks! Many here are fans of swift though (I am not).
  14. I saw a swatch of this Veau Tadelakt yesterday; from what I could tell, and also my SA confirmed, it looks like a cross between Boxcalf and Swift: it's softer than Box but shinier than Swift. Very interesting, for those like me, who prefer smooth leathers to textured ones! Another SA said she had shown a wallet (or something similar, I can't remember) to a client, and she thought it was Box until she read the description inside....
  15. This leather sounds really interesting.

    I would love to know if there are plans to do the larger Bolide or the Birkin in it. If anyone hears, please let us know.