New Leather on Fall Luxury Line

  1. Just got word from my Nordstrom s/a that the matte leather on the lfall luxury line is going to be deerskin, not calfskin. Check this out:

    The two materials that were used for Spring were a smooth calfskin (matte black) and a metalicized goat skin (black with a sheen). We sold both materials equally well and people had varying opinions on the subject. The material that they are doing for Fall is a deer skin; which is new to the collection and not used previously so I do not know how the luster of the material will look. The collection should be arriving within the next 2 weeks since Act I has started to ship. I personally purchased the matte black in the oversized tote because I wanted my tote to be not only timeless, but be easy to care for at home. You can use leather cleaner/conditioner on the matte material but not the metalicized. Again, just personal preference. Let me know if I can answer any further questions. Hope you're having a nice weekend.

    Is deerskin more delicate than lambskin? I think I am going to forego the metallic and wait for my regulary black luxury bowler to ship from Nordstrom. Be&D uses deerskin on some of their bags and it looks to have more texture than the smooth calf.
  2. I saw some of them at NM SF couple weeks ago, they have the all white collection. They are very light weight and soft, very cute but I was busy with the cambon that time and didn't really examine more :P
  3. no deerskin isn't more delicate than lambskin. Lambskin is the most delicate, then deer, then calf and then caviar.
  4. Wow. I totally loved the metallic goatskin because it's practically scratchproof. Wonder how the deerskin ones will hold up.
  5. Deerskin is pebbly isn't it? I had an opportunity to see the Be&D Deerskin hobo and was surprised to see it had great texture. I'm thinking it will be nice if the bowler is a pebbled/texture leather and not smooth like the matte calfskin. I don't need it to have a metallic sheen, just some texture so it looks like leather, not vinyl.
  6. Roey, The Cerf totes are deerskin. They hold up very well. I have two Cerf totes that I love and use often. I have the goatskin metallic black flap bag too and it is similar to the Cerf in durability. I can post more close up picks than what you see of them in the 'how many Chanels do you have' thread, if you would like.
  7. Yes Goldensx5, please do when you have a chance! That would be helpul and thank you so much! :biggrin:
  8. This is really interesting. I had no idea they were changing the leather.
  9. Thank you. I forgot the cerf tote is deerskin. I have one for several years and I beat it up (running around after three boys and always throwing their stuff in it) and it still looks brand new! I am excited about the new bags. Do we know when they are going to be in stores?
  10. The Fall Act 1 collection is shipping to stores now. Every store will receive merchandise at a different time. Nordstrom expects their stock within the next two weeks. I believe NM and Saks (and the freestanding boutiques) have already begun receiving merchandise.
  11. I see that several designers are coming out with deerskin bags in the fall. I've never owned a deerskin bag, so I don't know too much about it. Here's a couple of bags that Prada has for the fall that are deerskin.
    This bag is described as "antiqued finish chocolate deerskin," whatever that means.
    This one has the same description.

    This one is described as "chocolate deerskin."
  12. Kat, how sweet of you to find those bags and post them! The leather looks amazing. Now I'm hoping Nordstrom has correct information and the fall bags don't come in with a flat, matte finish.
  13. Here you go. The first two pics are of my Black Cerf tote (deerskin) and the last two are of my Black Metallic (Goatsikin) Lux Flap. I hope it helps.

    Black Cerf_deerskin 1.jpg Black Cerf_Deerskin close.jpg

    Black Metallic Goatskin Lux Flap 1.jpg Black Metallic Goatskin Lux Flap 2.jpg
  14. So the deerskin will be a little pebbled and not smooth and matte?
  15. Wow, thanks! If the leather on the bowler looks anything like your cerf I'm going to be very happy!! :biggrin:

    Do you notice a difference in the two leathers comparing side by side in real life? I'm thinking the flap is a little more shiny?